For a start, you will have seen our name for several years and you will see it for many more – we are not out to make fast profits and run.

We are a group of genuine investors and property specialists, committed to fitting in with your needs and finding answers to property problems, and because of this we can usually offer you several options to choose from. All of our investors have to meet high standards and be reliable and ethical, both as buyers and landlords.

With finance ready, we can complete very fast if you want to sell quickly and we have rental properties ready if you need one. Our support package covers legal and all other costs so there’s nothing to pay and we’ll help you through the whole process.

But we can offer other solutions too. For instance, if you have more time, we can offer help to maximise the price you get for your property. Or,  if you are struggling financially, we could even pay your mortgage. Our Easy Walkaway option makes the whole process simple, with support all the way if that would help you –  you might choose  to let us deal with everything, including clearing, cleaning and repairs. We have lots of ways of solving property problems – have a look at some of our examples.

So tell us the what’s on your mind and we’ll probably come up with several possible answers …  we want to find the one that’s perfect for you and your situation.

We’ll always give you your options in writing and leave you to think them over. You’ll have the time and space to think, discuss with friends and family and make the right choice, with no charges, pressure or obligations whatsoever.

A final word of warning: there are a quite a few companies out there offering a quick sale. Some will keep their promises, others won’t.  If  you absolutely need the sale to go through, and at the price originally agreed, make sure you deal with people you can trust.

So have a chat with us – there’s no pressure or obligation at all.