Divorce or separation

Mr and Mrs K were getting divorced. Things were difficult with both living in the same house, but they couldn’t afford two homes. They had decided to split and sell up four months earlier. They’d accepted an offer and were expecting to exchange when the chain broke. Now they were back to square one and the situation was becoming more impossible …


Mr D had lost his job. The family had financial problems and their mortgage company were seeking repossession. They had run out of options and could see no way out, but with only days to go, we were able to help stop the court action. Now with some breathing space, we sat down to find ways to sort everything out and offered the family their ideal solution by ….

Help with selling and moving

Mr F is an independent gentleman. But his property was too big, and he couldn’t manage repairs or face the job of clearing his house before selling it. He needed flexibility because he was on the waiting list for a retirement home and wanted to sell now to avoid the stress later when he might be less able to cope.
He chose a fast sale with our ‘Easy Walkaway’ option, so we helped find a nice bungalow nearby, sorted out what furniture …

Equity release or interest-only mortgage

Some “baby-boomers” who bought at the right time have paid off their mortgages and have good pensions. But others aren’t so fortunate. Many have debts in their 50s and 60s and little private pension. Some took interest-only mortgages and must sell before retirement. If you are in this situation or considering Equity Release, we may be able to offer …

Probate or inherited property

Sadly, George had died, leaving his house. There was no mortgage so his three children decided to keep it as a “Buy to let”. However, they all lived at least an hour away and with young families, time was an issue. There were also a lot of regulations to comply with, all at a cost. After four months, the family realised that they’d need to put in about £6,000 …


The loss of a loved one is devastating. We understand your situation and will do everything we can to help you at this difficult time. Although there may be practical decisions to make, our approach is to help solve any immediate issues to give you some time to think. If there are financial pressures, we will help with those too. Once you are …

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Want to sell fast?

Whether you want to sell fast ...

If you need a fast, certain sale, or help with the process or a flexible solution, we can help. There are no agent fees or selling costs, we pay your legal fees, and you don't need to redecorate or make repairs. You won't pay your mortgage or bills for the months it normally takes to sell. There's no chance of a broken chain, no viewings, it will happen to your timescales and your sale will be stress-free, fast and certain. And we can support you in other ways too - with moving, finding your next ...

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If you need the best price …

or if you need the best price ...

If time isn’t important but you want the best possible price, we'll help realise your property’s full potential – you might get more than you thought. First we'll agree its current value - this is your guaranteed minimum sale price. We then handle and pay for any repairs, gardening, redecoration or larger jobs to make it most attractive to buyers. Finally, our specialists "dress" the property so it looks its best before putting it onto the market. When sold, you receive a share of the "uplift" ...

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What areas do you operate in?

Getmovingtoday have national coverage throughout the UK, except Northern Ireland.

I need help with moving/selling

We are experienced and understanding and can tailor this service exactly to your needs.  You might just want to go now and pass everything over to sort out.  Or you might need a hand with some work before sale, or have a particular timescale in mind. We can also help you find a new place to live if necessary, arrange your move and tidying or clearance. You might have another challenge to solve. Just tell us your thoughts, worries or plans or have a look here for more details of how we can help.

Between us, we can overcome most difficulties and make things easier.

What else can you help with?

Anything you need us to – and we’ll tailor a solution to your needs. It may be that you have a timescale to meet – perhaps you are going abroad, need to relocate or are getting married. Or maybe you are going through divorce or separation, have to pay your mortgage lender urgently, stop repossession or raise cash for some reason. You might be considering Equity Release Schemes or facing the end of an interest-only mortgage. Perhaps it’s something else…

Have a look at some of our solutions here for examples – although  that’s not all we can do.

But whatever you need, we’ll listen carefully and do our best to come up with something that works perfectly for you. The first step is to get us working on it, so email or phone us on 0800 246 1146 for an informal and confidential chat.


I’ve got a mortgage which I could afford but the rates have just gone up. I can’t change it because of affordability criteria

This is becoming an increasing issue. More and more people are finding themselves caught in the “affordability trap”.

We’ve got some innovative ideas as regards this one. There might be several solutions to the problem, depending on your particular situation. So get in touch and we’ll see what we can come up with.


I’ve been looking at Equity Release schemes. Do you have any alternatives?

Definitely, yes!

Equity release schemes are expensive and significantly reduce the amount that you pass on to your loved ones. They can affect your entitlement to benefits and substantially reduce options in later life. There may be little or nothing  left for the family as an inheritance.  The impartial, government run Money Advice Service gives the facts and offers advice on Equity Release schemes here.

There are a number of alternatives that we offer which may mean that you keep a lot more to pass on, but still give you the cash you need. Get in touch with us through our Contact us page and we can explore what might suit your particular circumstances.

You may also like to have a look here, which explains one of the  solutions in more detail.

If you are considering Equity Release, we recommend you contact us before you sign anything. We may be able to offer you a much more attractive alternative.

Are you sure there are no charges?

Completely sure,  we won’t charge you a penny, for anything.  Even more –  if you want to sell fast, there are no estate agency fees and we will pay for your legal costs, so selling is completely free as well. But that’s not all – we’ll help with all kinds of property-related financial difficulties.

We’ll explain exactly how we work, but for instance, several of our services depend on adding extra value to your property that wasn’t there before  – see the Equity Release and  ‘Sale PLUS’ schemes. In these cases, far from paying any costs, you will normally be considerably better off financially than otherwise.

Does it matter where I live?

Not at all.

We are normally able to help wherever you are in the UK, except Northern Ireland.  And it makes no difference whether you live in a mansion or a terraced house, a flat or a caravan.

Some of our group are centred in particular regions, while others operate all over our area of coverage. Wherever you live (except NI), we are confident that between us we will find you a good choice of different solutions.

I want to know more before going further. Can you give me more information??

Yes of course. Ask anything you like – you’ll be under no obligation and we won’t pester you if you do.
There’s lots of information and examples on this website, so browse the dropdown menus at the top of this page or click the links at the bottom.
If you don’t find the answer you are looking for or would like information about your specific situation, just get in touch on the contact page or give us a ring on 0800 246 1146.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. There is no cost and no obligation to go any further.


I’ve been round everything in my head and can’t come up with an answer – how could you help?

Lots of people ask us this. There’re two main answers:

Probably, you’ve never before been in the situation you’re in now. But it’s likely that we’ve helped people with very similar problems in the past, and so we’ve learned the ways to deal with most difficulties.  We have experience.

Secondly, we have different sorts of specialists within our group who look at the situation from different angles, and their approaches are different. That’s why we can often give you options that don’t occur to most people.

But even if we can’t convince you here, why not have a chat and see if we can find an answer. What’s there to lose?


If you just want to find out what we'll offer or have a chat and look at the options ....

- remember, there are no charges, no hidden catches, no pressures or obligations and we are sympathetic, confidential, professional and experienced.

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