If you need to be somewhere else, or don’t have the time, energy, money or heart to go through the selling process, or feel that your property would benefit from some work or some “dressing” before sale to get the best price,  our ‘Assisted sale’  services may be the perfect solution.

The main reasons for choosing an ‘Assisted Sale’ are:

  1. You can move whenever you wish – tomorrow if you want to, or on any date you choose.  You don’t have to wait.
  2. You can choose to go for a fast sale, but if time is less important and you need the best possible price, we can maximise the value of your home before sale.  With absolutely no upfront cost to you, our expert team will set to work, making repairs and redecorating if required,  then carefully dressing your home so it is highly attractive to prospective buyers. Our aim is to achieve the very best price.  The costs of any works are deducted from the eventual sale price and you will benefit from a share of the value added to the property. This is our “Sale PLUS” option.
  3. Our “Easy Walkaway” option can be added, so that we cope with absolutely everything including helping you move – see here to see how it works

Some of the detailed features we offer are ( you can select any or all of these, or even something of your own):


  • We can deal with everything; repairs or other work if this is the option you choose, all aspects of the sale- you don’t have to manage estate agents,  conduct viewings or  do anything at all.
  • We can help you find your next home, either to buy or to rent
  • We will help you sort out what you do and don’t want to take, take other items to a charity shop and clear rubbish.
  • We can handle all the other tasks and paperwork including  informing utility and other companies and organising mail forwarding. We will also arrange your move if you’d like us to.
  • We can even pay your mortgage and bills while the sale goes through.

Whichever features you choose, you will benefit from the personal attention of an experienced and helpful case manager, who will be assigned and responsible to you as a single point of contact throughout.

The scheme can be tailored to your situation and if you need us to, we can arrange to start  immediately – even today. Get in touch for an informal chat and to find out if this is perfect for you.