We are sorry about your situation - this is as stressful as it can get.

The first action to take when you suffer mortgage arrears is to talk to your lender. Mortgage and secured loan companies are required to "Treat customers fairly" and try to come to an affordable agreement with you. We can help you work all this out and negotiate with your lender.

If you miss agreed payments, or have ignored warnings or have been unable to reach agreement, your lender may then threaten or start court proceedings for repossession. When this happens you will receive notification from the courts and your lender.  At the court hearing, especially if you do not attend or file a defence, you risk losing your home and soon after you may be served with an eviction notice.

If this is where you are now - let us help - call us straight away.

Even if you have been given an eviction notice, you still have another chance to stop it by asking for a county court hearing (using Form N244 - you can download it here).  All is still not lost, but you must take action urgently - the eviction can be stopped.

At the hearing, you must tell the judge why you should not be evicted.

So get in touch - this is what we can do:

All of the actions you can take to prevent eviction depend on you making a case - to the lender or to the court. It is essential to come up with a plan. Even if you have broken arrangements before, even in this same case, you can still put forward a new plan. It will be considered by a judge, if you have something to say.

Specialists at Getmovingtoday will help you prepare the documents you need, and we can give you some options for a plan that can be presented to the court or your lender, no matter how hopeless everything may look to you right now. We can also help you at the hearing, if you like us to. We don't charge at all, so we won't add to your problems.  So although you must be feeling very worried and stressed, all is not lost.  But you have to take action urgently - get in touch now.

And even - or especially - if eviction is just days away or if you don't think that you have any case that you can put forward,  call us straight away, or contact us using our "Get in touch" form. Remember to tick the "urgent" box at the bottom of the form. We'll get straight back to help you.