You may need to sell fast, cut your outgoings, or raise cash.  Or perhaps you have just been thinking about releasing equity to live better or do things you’ve always wanted to.  You might be fed up with worrying about interest rates and house prices or perhaps you are just tired of the emotional or financial pressures.  You could be trying to cope with a tough time in your life – divorce, illness, bereavement or bringing up children alone, and need to cut yourself a bit of slack.  Or perhaps you are one of the growing number of people who have decided to get debt-free.

Whatever your reasons and plans, we’ll try to work out something that’s ideal.  If you’d like to just sell your property fast and go, we’ll meet your deadlines, or you can choose your own timescales and stay for a bit. You might like our “Easy Walkaway” option – especially if you have inherited a property or are downsizing or moving abroad– you just walk out with whatever you want to take and we’ll clean, clear and deal with everything else – we’ll even inform the utility companies for you.

If you’d like to stop making your mortgage payments now, or release equity and stay, we can help. We can buy any property in any condition and help you find somewhere you’d like to rent, with all future repair and maintenance worries off your shoulders. You can build in other features too – for instance, we can sometimes arrange a discounted or rent-free period, or even make life a bit easier with a gardener and cleaner. Or if you have more time, we’ll help you sell your property at the best possible price.

Whatever your needs or situation, we’ll do our best to find something perfect for you.