13830270395_360x250If you need a fast, certain sale, or help with the process  or a flexible solution, we can help.

Just like the “we buy any …” car people, for the fastest possible sale the offer price is usually a bit lower than the market value. But add it up and the difference is much less than you’d think. There are no agent fees or selling costs – we pay your legal fees –  and you don’t need to redecorate or make repairs. You won’t be paying your mortgage and bills for the months it would normally take  to sell.  And it won’t be the roller coaster ride that selling sometimes is – it will be easy. There’s no chance of a broken chain, no viewings, it will happen to your timescales and your sale will be stress-free, fast and certain. With finance ready and an experienced team in place, we can complete very quickly.

But we can support you in other ways too. We can help you through the whole process, especially if you don’t have the heart, energy or the time. If you have a deadline or date, we’ll work to that whether it’s a month or a year.

If you have financial problems or are facing repossession, we can help you to get the pressure off and stop the court action. In many areas, our group have rental properties ready if you need one and if you are thinking long-term, we aim to match you with a landlord who is thinking the same way.

And if there’s something else you need, just tell us and we’ll do our very best to help.

We’ll help you get on the road to where you want to be – quickly and simply.