Mr and Mrs K were getting divorced. Things were difficult with both living in the same house, but they couldn’t afford two homes.

They had decided to split and sell the house four months earlier. They accepted an offer within a couple of weeks and had been expecting to exchange, when the chain broke. Now they were back to square one and the situation at home was becoming pretty impossible.

We were able to offer two different solutions. One was to repair the broken chain by stepping in to buy the house two links down in the chain, where the sale had fallen through. However, Mr and Mrs K decided to go with a fast, certain sale of their own property because it was the quickest and surest option - they didn't have to wait, or worry about the chain at all any more.

We helped Mrs K find a suitable house to rent  close by.  We supported her right through as she hadn't done this alone before, and gave her a hand with moving.  Mr K found a flat in the next town from where he could easily visit the children at weekends. Everything went through quickly and simply.

The kids were happy to be staying near their friends and not to have to change school on top of everything else.  Everyone was relieved to at last able to move on and begin to get over this difficult time in their lives.

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