Initially, we will ask you about any deadlines or time issues, take a few details and may arrange to visit to measure/take photos. Don’t worry about how your house or flat is looking – it can be as messy as you like – this is not a viewing.  In fact there’ll be no viewings at all.

You might simply want a fast sale and if you do, we’ll make our offer(s) very quickly and get things moving to meet your timescales.

But if you explain your needs and situation, we may be able to find some other solutions that perhaps you  haven’t thought of before. As a group we have a number of different kinds of investors and specialists, so between us we can usually come up with several options. If you decide to talk to us, we’ll be understanding, discreet and professional.  Complete confidentiality is guaranteed.

We’ll explain the options clearly, give your offers in writing and encourage you to talk them over with friends and family before making any choices. We want you to have the time and space you need and there are no charges, pressures or obligations whatsoever. If you just want to see what we offer and then go no further, that is fine.

If you are happy, everything will go through simply and quickly, or at whatever pace suits you best.

We’re working out solutions and buying properties now, so give us a call to see how we could help.